Booleroo Ministry Centre

About us

As small group of committed Christians, the Booleroo Ministry Centre continues its Prayerful, Spiritual life as it began in 1982. These were summarised in the declarations of faith that all people make when they join the BMC.
1. Acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
2. Have been baptised by water.
3. Support the PRINCIPLES AND OBJECTIVES as set out in the Constitution (2004)
4. Accept and support the Ministry and Senior Leadership of the Assembly
5. Have attended the Church regularly for at least 12 months
6. Attend public worship services as regularly as possible and are:- Relationally connected, Financially contributing to the support of the Church, Using their gifts and abilities to advance the work of the Lord.
7. Do not hold membership of any other church.
Our Congregation is well known and respected in the local area for upholding ALL of the membership declarations and by working it out in the ministry areas below.

Home Church Community

Regular services held every Sunday at 10:00 am
Input from the Word through
- Preaching
- Bible study
- External DVD
- Video Streaming
- Café Church bi-monthly at Store 54
- Regular special offerings
- Special prayer time on the 4th Sunday to pray for those who have past or continuing familial connection with the church birthday on their birthday.
- Picnic meetings held during the year Usually at “The Sheds” at the change to or from Daylight Saving
- Guest preachers
- Mission activities
- Prayer
- Update Magazine
- DVD Evening services with pooled tea held bi-monthly, visitors encouraged.
- Conduct services at Mt View Homes and Booleroo and Districts Hospital on 5th Friday.
- People visited for Pastoral care
- Regular Sunday Services includes volunteer involvement and service by BMC members for:-

~ Leading Worship Services
~ Music
~ Flowers
~ Communion Preparation
~ The Update
~ Cleaning / yard maintenance
~ Treasurer's work in record keeping and financial management

Christian Community.
- Interaction with other churches in the District
- Special events held by churches in the area
- Ordination and Commissioning of incoming Clergy
- Members’ participation in the Booleroo prayer meetings on Wednesday Nights
- Representation on the Booleroo and Districts Inter-Church Council
- Provide Pastoral Support at the Booleroo and Districts Men’s Shed
- Involvement in supporting Trish Hooper, Pastoral Care Worker for Booleroo and Districts
- Involvement with “Cracker Carols (2016 the last one) .
- Seedlings at the Whim
- Attendance at Regional Pastor's Meetings
- Mt View and Mission activities
- World Day of Prayer involvement (hosted at BMC in 2018)
- Provide a venue for other organisations

Regular weekly Bible Studies

General Community

· Provide assistance to various members of the wider community

· Leadership with Community Events

eg ANZAC DAY & Remembrance Day
· Venue for Community Celebrations

Men’s Shed
Northern Passenger Service
Funeral and memorial services
This, as well as Church members being an integral part of the local community,:- through Club and Association Membership.

I praise the Lord for the continued dedication of our church members in their personal commitment to ongoing Spiritual Growth, the Support of others and its Service to our community